This is part of an interview with Geoff Parker (Current Biology Vol 17 No 4):
Q: Do you have a favourite conference?
A: Yes, the `Biology of Spermatozoa´ conference organized by Tim Birkhead and Harry Moore: this is a relatively small meeting attended by just a few (50-60) people, with a delightful atmosphere and setting.

“BoS is the most worthwhile conference I attend, and is the only one that truly catalyzes the development of my research program. I’m glad that it only meets every other year, as it takes me that long to process all of the ideas I return home with. I left the last meeting with five new collaborations.” Scott Pitnick, Syracuse University, USA

“The most enjoyable conference I’ve been to for twenty years.” Jim Cummins, Murdoch University, Western Australia

“Fantastic – hard to see how any conference could possibly be better – just the right combination of workshop atmosphere, stimulating talks and an excellent venue.” Geoff Parker, University of Liverpool, UK

“A meeting that should serve as a desirable example for other scientific meetings, at least with respect to its atmosphere and format.” Michael Eisenbach, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel